Digital technologies in production processes №1

Digital technologies in production processes №1

The course 'Digital technologies in manufacturing processes' shows modern approaches and trends in product design, manufacturing and managing in an enterprise. Generally the fresh information is used in master degree courses, but for this course you do not need special knowledge to understand how an enterprise in the future could work in the information era.

Today digital work and digital transformation are hard but necessary goals for all companies. Since the beginning of the Fourth industrial revolution, each factory needs specialists who know what ERP or VR is, how to build a digital warehouse or a network with cyber-physical systems, where RFID is used, or what is TPM for service. The course includes basic information about digital twins, the Industrial Internet of Things, PLM, and many other digital technologies. To formalize it, we set ourselves the following goals:

  • To give an idea of ​​the development of the enterprise digital environment.

  • To give the skills to use solutions and digital algorithms and find the digitization of the product life cycle.

The course "DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES IN PRODUCTION PROCESSES. PART 1" was developed by CAD specialists at Togliatti State University and National University of Science and Technology "MISIS".


Togliatti State University and National University of Science and Technology "MISIS".

Авторы курса

Программа курса

  • What is the digital revolution
  • Principles and methods in Industry 4.0
  • How to manage data of product lifecycles
  • Approaches and soft for managing an enterprise
  • What is big data and its analytics for engineers
  • What is the digital twin and its types
  • Digitalisation of Product Processes and Maintenance

Рекомендуемые направления подготовки

  • students in engineering
  • engineers (CAD, machinery, processes design etc)

Входные требования

  • There are no requirements for the course

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