Institute of Humanities and Pedagogy

The flagship higher education institution of Togliatti - Institute for the Humanities and Pedagogy (IHP) is a modern platform for current fundamental knowledge in social and humane pedagogics. IHP combines the best traditions of Institute for the Humanities and the Pedagogical Department of TSU.

The faculty of the Institute is a team of experienced professionals and young enthusiasts. In their work, they all are creative, demanding and willing to use modern innovative technologies in the teaching process. Also, they have great teaching skills and individual responsibility. IHP is a popular place in the city for international, all-Russian and regional scientific conferences on the Humanities and Pedagogy.

The leadership

Юрий Анатольевич Лившиц

Yuri Anatolievich Livshits has been Head of Institute for the Humanities and Pedagogy since 2013.

IHP is a great platform for current fundamental knowledge in social and humane pedagogics. There are computer classes for individual foreign languages training and psychology and pedagogy training, a radio and television studio, an editing room, a psychological training room, multimedia lecture rooms, a workshop of preschool pedagogy and others in the Institute. Each department of IHP has its own identity and unique projects, realized by teachers and students. TSU primary journalistic organization of Samara Regional Branch of the Russian Union of Journalists was formed at the department of Journalism and Sociology. It is the only one in the region formed at the university. The "Uspekh" pedagogical group works with children in boarding schools, organizes volunteer activities and is involved in writing resource books.

Undergraduate and Post-graduate Education

Bachelor degree courses:

  1. Psychology; 
  2. Sociology; 
  3. Journalism; 
  4. Psychological and pedagogical education, profiles: "Psychology and pedagogy of preschool education", "Psychology and pedagogy of primary education"; 
  5. Special (defectological) education, profile "Preschool defectology"; 
  6. Pedagogical education, profile "English and French";
  7. Philology, profile "Russian Philology (Russian language and Russian literature)";
  8. Linguistics, profile "Translation and translation studies";
  9. History", profile "Historical and cultural tourism"

The master programs:

  1. Psychology, program "Psychological counseling",
    Psychology, programs "Psychology of health", "Psychology of personality";
  2. Journalism, programs "Multimedia journalism", "Political technologies and public relations";
  3. Pedagogical education, program "Management in education";
  4. Psychological and pedagogical education, programs "Psychological and pedagogical support of children with problems in development", "Psychology and pedagogy of childhood", "Pedagogy and psychology of education", "Theory and methods of professional education";
  5. Philology, the program "Languageminority".

Life outside the classroom

The extracurricular life of  the Institute for the Humanities and Pedagogy is diverse and never stands still! Students take part in creative competitions, tourist rallies, sports events, games of "KVN", city and regional volunteer actions. Humanitarian pedagogical Institute fully supports the corporate traditions of TSU, the spirit of fraternity and develops them in accordance with modern ideas of humanism.
The Institute (IHP) makes a significant contribution to the preservation of history and culture of our city! Thanks to the scientific and extracurricular life of the student leaves the walls of the Institute not only self-confident professional, but also sociable, easy-going person, easily establishing friendly and partnership.
A graduate of the Institute is a really bright Person, able to enjoy life and enjoy every day!