Institute of Fine Arts and Crafts

In Roman antiquity, there was a concept of "genius loci" (genius of the place), or the guardian spirit of dwellings or locations. For many big and small cities of the world and Russia, the original "genii loci" are the artists who help create a city’s unique image and fill it with spiritual energy. Can we imagine today Florence without Michelangelo and Barcelona without Gaudi? 

The teachers and graduates of the Institute of Decorative and Applied Art (IDAA) play an important role in forming the modern image and the atmosphere of Togliatti. Established in Togliatti branch of Samara State University of Education in 1989 and having been part of TSU since 2001, the institute is not just a bright spot in the history and cultural life of the city. This is a special space where, like in the crystal, the paths and destinies of many people are crossed.  

Head of the Institute 

кондулуков.jpgProfessor, Honorary Academician of Russian Academy of Arts, honored artist of Russian Federation Sergey Nikitovich Kondulukov is Head of the Institute.

The main mission of the IDAA is art education of the younger generation. Training sessions of the students are held in the specially equipped workshops of painting, drawing, graphics, sculpture, decorative and applied art, designing, material art, stone dressing, plastic and computer modelling. The jewellery and mounting, foundry, filigree and enamelled and engraving parts are used in the teaching process. 

The resource room of History of Art maintains the library which stocks materials by way of books and journals, guidance papers by students and teachers, electronic resources. 

A matter of the Institute pride is Nikolai and Galina Sharonovs’ Jewellery School of graduates, known not only in Russia, but also abroad. Sharonovs’ School is the winner of the highest awards of all-Russian and international exhibitions, festivals and competitions. Throughout the teaching process, the IDAA offers a variety of practical training: plein air painting, apprenticeship training, teaching internship, museum training.

Undergraduate and Post-graduate Education

Bachelor's and specialist's degree courses:

  • Pedagogical education, profile "Fine arts";
  • Arts and crafts and crafts, profile "Art processing of metal".

The master programs:

  • Pedagogical education, program "Art education".