Institute of Chemistry and Engineering Ecology

The flagship higher education institution of Togliatti -  the Institute of Chemistry and Engineering Ecology.

Chemistry and Engineering Ecology are modern, highly demanded areas, which are popular in developed countries. They play an important role in advanced scientific research.

 About 300 students study at the Institute of Chemistry and Engineering Ecology. All the necessary conditions have been created for the educational process that corresponds to modern requirements for the development of higher professional education. More than 5 doctors of sciences and over 20 candidates of science teach at the Institute. There are several training laboratories equipped with the latest devices. Besides, the Institute has its own mobile environmental laboratory.

Head of the Institute


Doctor of Technical Science, Professor Andrei Vitalievich Vasiliev, was a head of the Institute from 2008 to 2014.

 In August 2014, Pavel Anatolyevich Melnikov, Candidate of Engineering Science, became the Director of the Institute.

Undergraduate and Post-graduate Education

Bachelor degree courses: 

  1. Chemistry, profile: "Organic and Bioorganic chemistry", " Medical and pharmaceutical chemistry";
  2. Chemical technology, profile: "Chemical technology of organic and inorganic substances", "Chemistry and technology of oil";
  3. Energy and resource saving processes in chemical technology, petrochemistry and biotechnology, profile "environmental Management, recycling and waste disposal";
  4. Technology of production and organization of public catering - "Technology of production and Organization of restaurant business".

The master programs: 

  1. Chemical technology, program "Ecobiotechnologies";
  2. Chemical technology, program "Chemistry and technology of basic and petrochemical synthesis products";
  3. Chemical technology, program "Rational use of natural and raw materials resources in chemical technology and petrochemistry".

Campus life

The students of the Institute of Chemistry and Engineering Ecology are participating in the activities of their Institute and in the activities of Togliatti State University. They regularly become diploma winners and winners of such contests as "Green Show", "Student Spring Talent Show ", "Aerobic Show".

 Special attention should be given to the activities of the dance group "Juventa". The group consist of female students. Over the recent years has become the winner of several university, city and regional competitions.

 It is also important to mention sportsmen who brought the Institute many victories at the University Games of TSU. The Institute has very strong teams in mini football and aerobics.

The students of the Institute of Chemistry and Engineering Ecology visit sports clubs, they are engaged in creative groups of TSU, and they participate in the humorous shows of the Club of Joyful and Inventive People.