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18 April 2022

Total Dictation: popular and relevant

Togliatti State University (TSU) held an international educational event called Total Dictation. More than 100 participants, including students, employees of the university and citizens took part in the event in order to test their knowledge.
Total Dictation: popular and relevant

It was possible to write the dictation in three formats: online on your device, on paper by taking dictation simultaneously with one of the broadcasts, or offline at any of the 16 sites in Togliatti. The participants were residents of 500 Russian cities and 40 countries of the world. The text for the dictation was written by Marina Stepnova in 2022. She is a writer, a poetess, the author of the novel The Women of Lazarus, the winner of the The Big Book award, The National Bestseller award and others.

Total Dictation for Togliatti residents was organised in several classrooms in the main building of TSU (14 Belorusskaya St.). The building at 2g Frunze St. was one more site. This event was already the tenth one for Togliatti State University.

- I cannot imagine Togliatti without the university as well as the university without Togliatti. As for me, they are united. Total Dictation is a perfect opportunity to feel that connection – says Olga Parshina, the event organiser, Head of the Russian Language, Literature and Forensic Linguistics department of Humanitarian-Pedagogical Institute of TSU.

There had been 106 participants of different ages who wrote the dictation at TSU. The Director of Togliatti’s Local Lore Museum Natalia Lankova, the teacher of Russian language and literature at Municipal Budgetary Institution Gymnasium No. 9, Teacher of the Year of the Samara Region 2019 award winner Maria Karina and the member of Journalists Union of Russia, theater and film actor Igor Romanov were the ones who read the texts out loud.

– The beauty of Total Dictation is in every year changeable authors. They are absolutely different. The point is not in the complexity of the text, but in the case, where we have such awesome, modern authors, who manage to write complicated texts with such easiness especially for Total Dictation, – told one of the readers Igor Romanov.

The Total Dictation results will be published on April 18. Every participant will be allowed to see their grades on the official project website. The traditional awarding of A-students will take place on April 25 in the boardroom of the Togliatti city administration. Those who wish can pick their works up from April 18 to 22 at the office of the Multifunctional Youth Center Shans (Russian for chance) at the address: 87a Kommunisticheskaya str., office 218.

All participants of Total Dictation will receive presents by sponsors: these are three books from special selection on digital book platform LitRes, which can be downloaded using a personal account.

– For the first time I have come here with my friend for company. I am really impressed in the event. I think I will take part in Total Dictation every year. It was very interesting for me to check my knowledge, as it has been so long after studying, shared her opinion Irina Saenko, the participant of Total Dictation.

Before the results are announced, the TSU will hold a face-to-face dictation review all questions on orthography, spelling and punctuation will be answered by representatives of the Department of Russian Language, Literature and Linguistics of Humanitarian-Pedagogical Institute of TSU. The meeting will take place at 16v Belorusskaya St., office 616 at 18:00 on April 14.

The general organiser of Total Dictation in Togliatti is the multifunctional youth centre Shans. Among the partners of the event are "Yandex" and "MyOffice" application for working with documents, as well as more than 10 budgetary and private organizations: Togliatti Department of Culture, Togliatti Local Lore Museum , Technopark Zhigulevskaya Dolina, Togliatti Libraries, Togliatti Children's Library Association, Cultural Center Autograd and others.



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