Rules and Regulations



1. These rules and regulations define participation in the II INTERNATIONAL INTERNET-OLYMPIAD FOR STUDENTS “ECOLOGY” hosted by Togliatti State University.

2. The participants of the Olympiad can be undergraduate students of higher education establishments from the Russian Federation and any of the EU, CIS countries.

5. The Internet-Olympiad takes place on March 28, 2017 in the form of on-line tests and creative tasks.

6. Participation is free for all registered applicants. Registration is done by submitting an Application Form to the e-mail Application deadline is March 10, 2017.

7. Applications can be sent only personally by participants. After the registration period is closed (up to March 25, 2017) all participants receive their date and time reminder together with login and password to access the Olympiad website.

8. Registered participants will have the access to all the tasks of the Olympiad. Participants can complete the tasks from any computer with the Internet connection only once.

9. After the time for tasks completion is up the system will automatically accept only the answers confirmed by the user.

10. The results of the Internet-Olympiad will be put on the website within 10 days of the Olympiad, and no later than April 17, 2017.

11. Winners and awardees of the II INTERNATIONAL INTERNET-OLYMPIAD FOR STUDENTS “ECOLOGY” will receive specially designed diplomas. The diplomas will be sent to the addresses stated in the Application Forms after April 17, 2017 at the expense of Togliatti State University.


1. The fundamental basics of ecology

The biosphere and man.

Ecosystems and the basis of their life.

Interaction of an organism and the environment.

Ecological principles of man's relationship to nature.

2. Ecology and human health

The impact of pollution on human health and life.

Influence of technological factors of modern industry on human health.

3. The global problems of environmental pollution

The main factors that led to the modern ecological situation.

The main types of pollution.

Features and sources of chemical pollution.

Peculiarity of contamination and its factors.

Heat and noise impact on the environment, global warming and its consequences, the problem of the ozone layer.

4. General environmental issues and basis of ecodefence technology

Methods of refining and disposal of waste gases.

Sanitary protection zone.

Methods of treatment and disposal of sewage.

Neutralization and utilization of solid waste.

Ecological principles of nature protection and environmental management.

5. Legal and economic framework for environmental protection

Environmental Law.

Basics of environmental economics.

6. International cooperation in ecological sphere

The Form of the Internet-Olympiad

50 test items (1 point for each correct answer).

The total time to complete the task 45 minutes.