TSU Innovative Infrastructure

- Innovation Development Office

The Office carries out complex work on innovations assisting inventors in realising their ideas and achieving marketable results.

 - Intellectual Property and R&D Analysis Department

The Office will help you to identify and protect your intellectual property, prepare and execute a licence agreement, and also will consult you on different matters of intellectual property protection.

- Projects Coordination Department

In the Projects Coordination Department you will be assisted with a project establishment, its strong features identification and participation in available grant programmes.

 - Small Innovative Enterprises (SIE) Council

At the council, you will be able to find solutions to the problems which arise in the course of SIEs operation and offer your own ideas for discussion.

 - Testing Centre

It will help you with certification and testing of your designs and equipment.

 - Small Innovative Enterprises Liaison Department

The department supports small innovative enterprises (SIE) on all stages of their development, and communicates with governmental authorities regulating SIE activities.


The current innovation development model in Russia involves the integration of scientific-engineering and production spheres into the process of economical and social development of the society. In this context, it is worth mentioning that today a significant part of scientific and innovation potential of the country is concentrated in universities. Experience provides evidence that systemic approach to solving this problem is to develop innovations in the scientific, technical and educational spheres in higher education institutions.

Management of innovative development within the structure of Togliatti State University plays a special role. The structure of the Office includes four of the following departments:

1.    Intellectual Property and R&D Analysis Department

2.    Small Innovative Enterprises Liaison Department

3.    Projects Coordination Department

4.    Student R&D Coordination Department

In general, the office facilitates complex examination and consideration of new projects and solves problems of knowledge and technology commercialisation.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Office experts.


Head of the Office

Anzhelika Popova

+7(8482) 53 92 29


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Intellectual Property and Small Innovative Enterprises Department of Togliatti State University on contractual basis assists to create and protect intellectual property by:

·         conducting a patent search in the world's leading patent information databases  (EPO-European Patent Office, WIPO-World Intellectual Property Organization, FIPS-Federal Institute of Industrial Property (Russian Patent Office), patent offices of the United States, Japan, Germany, etc.);

·         studying technical levels of intellectual property objects, identifying trends, justifying the prognoses for their development and competitiveness within the products and services markets;

·         implementing marketing research works on the intellectual property market;

·         analysing companies’ commercial operations, including licensing  activities of developers (organisations and companies), producers (suppliers) of products, and companies offering services, as well as their patent policies to identify competitors, potential contractors, licensors and licensees, and partners for cooperation;

·         identifying trade marks (service marks) used by a competitor;

·         preparing application documents for intellectual property objects (invention, utility model, industrial design, software, database, trademark), as well as record keeping on those applications;

·         evaluating intellectual property objects (scientific and technical, technical and economical, as well as market evaluation).


 Standard hours (average values) for patent research works

 1. Examination of patentability and preparing applications for: 

Invention (1 object) 100 - 140 standard hours 

Utility model (1 object) 100 - 120 standard hours
Industrial design (1 variant) 90 - 110 standard hours
Verbal trademark, image trademark 60 - 80 standard hours
Combined trademark 80 - 100 standard hours

 Note: upon an increase in the number of objects (variants), the labouriousness grows by 50% per each object (variant).

 2. Patent clearance expertise (PCE) (excluding labouriousness of patent search and relevant documents selection):

One simple detail construction: 60 - 90 standard hours.
One complex detail construction: 90 - 150 standard hours.
One major component construction: 120 - 200 standard hours.
Several major components construction: 200 - 280 standard hours.
One major component of an aggregate, system of the object: 250 - 300 standard hours.
Aggregate construction, system of the object: 300 - 350 standard hours.
Object construction (principal connection between major components and systems of the aggregate): 300 - 400 standard hours.
Examination of operation modes and controls, reviewing diagnostic of a component/aggregate/system in the object: 300 - 400 standard hours.

Definition of a technical object in the patent clearance expertise procedure:
- Simple detail is an object of a simple shape produced without a joining operation.
- Complex detail is an object of a complex spatial or three-dimensional shape produced without a joining operation.
- Modular component consisting of two or more connected parts (detachable or non-detachable connection).
- Non-major component is an object which represents a complex connection of details and has a specific function not affecting workability 
- Major component is an object which represents a complex connection of details and has a specific function affecting workability or being essential in exploitation.
- Aggregate is an object which consists of components and details and has a full independent function (for example: gearbox, car body, car heater, car seat).
- System is an object which consists of components, details and aggregates interrelated and connected to fulfill a particular single function (for example: active and passive safety systems, heating and ventilation system, ignition system, etc.).

 2.1. Examination and analysis of a report on patent research and patent form received from developers of components 60-80 standard hours 

Note: when carrying out a new field PCE, a 1.5 multiplying factor is applied.

 3. Identification of the technical level based on the patent research (GOST 15.011-96) (with an option to prepare an analytical report including patent and economic information, current situation on the market, etc. with the participation of relevant departments) 200 - 400 standard hours

 4. Identification of the object (one object) significance based on the patent research: 

scientific and technical significance 250 - 450 standard hours;
technical and economic significance 300 - 500 standard hours;
commercial significance 350 - 550 standard hours.
Note: upon an increase in the number of objects (variants) the labouriousness grows by 50% per each object (variant).

5. Drawing up licence agreements (participation in negotiations, price calculation, licence agreement text approvement) 100 - 150 standard hours.

 6. Devising the regulations and policies governing TSU activities in the intellectual property area 200 - 400 standard hours.

 7. Search work (by topic, by firm) within 1 class (firm), for a 10 year-period 100 standard hours 

Note: upon an increase in the number of classes (firms) the labouriousness grows by 50% per each class (firm).

 8. Patent research report preparation and finalisation for an object (GOST 15.011-96) 100 - 200 standard hours.

 9. Filling in the patent application form for the object (GOST 15.011-82) 60 - 150 standard hours.  

 10. Answering to a request for an expertise 24 standard hours.

 11. Filling in documentation for the author remuneration payment for 1 patent decision 20 - 30 standard hours.

 12. Filling in documentation for registration fees payment 1.5 standard hours. 

1) The regulations are based on the Time Standards for Patent Research (Goskomizobretenie, 28.08.1986. ref. «BI» №12, 1986).   
2) The labor intensity indicated can be adjusted according to the specific conditions of the patent research type and is applied to plan the annual timetable for patent works, annual and month labour intensity together with specialists involved.

Also, you can ask any questions related to the creation and protection of intellectual property and receive a proper answer.


Tel: +7(8482) 53-91-11, 53-91-25

Address: 14b, Belorusskaya St., room 218, building NIC

Engineer for Patent and Invention Works - Valentina A. Prisiazhnaya;

(tel.:+7(8482) 53-91-11, e-mail:   V.Prisyazhnaya@tltsu.ru)

Engineer for Patent and Invention Works, 1st category - Yulia P. Hohlova;

(tel.: +7(8482) 53-91-25; e-mail: ois@tltsu.ru)


 Projects Coordination Department is responsible for informational and organisational support of competitions, exhibitions and conferences.

       Projects Coordination Department accumulates the information on competitions, new grant programmes, national and international exhibitions and conferences.

       The Department staff is ready to provide qualified advice and help with preparing necessary documentation for competitions and exhibitions.

       One of the new fields of work in the Department is to support and assist in the development of youth projects.


Projects Coordination Department:

- Chief Specialist - Elena Y. Pushkarskaya

room NIC-205, tel. +7 (8482) 54-64-07, 53-94-90, e-mail: onti@tltsu.ru

- Leading Specialist - Ekaterina B. Allina

room NIC-205, tel. +7 (8482) 54-64-07, 53-94-90, e-mail: onti@tltsu.ru

- Leading Specialist - Alla A. Yaroslavtseva

room NIC-217, tel. +7 (8482) 53-94-89, 53-94-79, e-mail: ctt@tltsu.ru

- Leading Specialist - Natalia V. Zaytseva

room NIC-217, tel. +7 (8482) 53-94-79, 53-94-89, e-mail: ctt@tltsu.ru


SIE Council is the organisation created at the initiative of the most active inventors and entrepreneurs of TSU. Here, all the business problems are discussed and strategic decisions are made. Innovations introduction in Russia is important for everyone from the worker to the President. When starting a new project, an entrepreneur can often face a lot of problems he has never solved before, but he has no one to turn to for advice for he is the pioneer. SIE Council helps to devise the correct approach to doing business, and shares its connections and best practices.

Experts of the Innovation Development Office often join the SIE Council to provide a valuable input by sharing their knowledge or by helping to solve existing problems.

Small Innovative Enterprises List

By the number of small innovative enterprises, Togliatti State University is among Top-10 Russian higher education institutions.

26 small innovative enterprises have been created on the basis of TSU within the frames of the Federal Law No217-FZ. Among them, there are multiple winners of the competitions organised by the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in Science and Technology (FSBI) (programmes "START", "U.M.N.I.K." "UMNIK na START", the competition "Research and Product Development Activities on Practically Oriented Developments Implemented in Scientific Research Centres of Higher Education Institutions") and competitions of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation (joint research of scientific and education centres and small innovative enterprises).

       Innovative enterprises established in cooperation with TSU produce a diverse range of products for various industries.

       Products and technologies developed and produced by the small innovation enterprises receive high appraisal and awards on national and international events. It is a testimony of the successful innovative activity in the university.



       The Testing Centre was established in 2006 on the basis of several departments and institutes of Togliatti State University.

Today, the Testing Centre is the only certified testing centre of a third party in Togliatti that is independent both from the manufacture and the customer.

The centre is equipped with all necessary measuring devices and testing equipment and meets all legal regulations.

The staff of the testing centre consists of highly qualified specialists who have relevant education and sufficient research experience.

       ISO/ IEC 17025:2009 and ISO 9001:2008 quality systems have been implemented in the Centre. Strict Control over each element in the system from the issuing of testing certificate prevents erroneous results.

TC comprises the following laboratories:

·         Laboratory of technical diagnostics and expertise

·         Laboratory of development testing

·         Laboratory of fuels and lubricants analysis

·         Laboratory of physical and chemical analysis methods

·         Laboratory of physical and mechanical testing

·         Laboratory of metallography

·         Laboratory of spectral analysis.

       Testing Centre is certified within three systems of accreditation:

1.    International system: accredited by the accreditation authority of the laboratory AAC "Analitika" - a full member and a participant of the agreements on mutual recognition of ILAC and APLAC. Accreditation Certificate № ААС.А. 00075. Valid up to 16.11.2013.

2.    GOST R System (Rossakkreditatsia). Accreditation Certificate №  ROSS RU. 0001. 21 АВ 55.  Valid up to 13.04.2016.

3.    Unified assessment system for objects managed by the Federal Service for Environmental, Technological, and Nuclear Supervision. Accreditation Certificate № IL/LRI-53045. Valid up to 26.12.2013.


       Testing Centre is accredited for:

·         identification of composition and properties of metal materials, rubber, plastic and their products

·         identification of composition and properties of oil-products including automobile petroleum

·         testing of varnish-and-paint and anti-noise coatings for automobile parts and details

·         development testing for components and units

·         technical and auto-technical expertises.


TC Director: Anatoly A. Yeriomichev, Candidate of Engineering

Deputy Director for Quality: Anastasia A. Karavanova, Expert for Analytical Laboratories Accreditation

Address: 14b, Belorusskaya St., Togliatti, 445020

tel./fax: +7(8482) 54-64-54, 53-95-72

- Small Innovative Enterprises Liaison Department

Small Innovative Enterprises Liaison Department helps to establish and start operations of small innovative enterprises involving Togliatti State University.

The Department staff is ready to provide qualified advice and help with preparing necessary documentation.


Head Specialist - Yulia A. Shaliupina

room NIC-218,

tel. +7 (8482) 53-91-25,

Email: mip@tltsu.ru