Togliatti State University: research and innovations

Research and development, as well as innovations, are one of the TSU keystone interests. Togliatti State University has a long-established reputation as a major research institution in Samara Region which strengths are diverse and growing. The university is leading the way in traditional academic areas from Material Science and Physics to Engineering, Chemistry, and the Humanities, as well as in ultramodern disciplines like Nanotechnology, and Energy Efficiency. Togliatti State University has developed and maintained a diverse innovative infrastructure.

Research in TSU today is presented by:

·         17 research areas that are determined by the needs of the city, region and country;

·         26 minor business enterprises that implement research developments of TSU were created

·         Three Post-Doctoral thesis boards: Technical Sciences, Physics and Mathematics, and Theory and Methodology of Professional Education

·         42 Ph.D. and Post-Doctoral Programmes

·         More than 10 international and all-Russia scientific conferences annually.


In 2006, the Testing Centre of Togliatti State University was established to serve the needs of local and regional companies and enterprises in research, expert assessment and testing. This is the only certified centre in Togliatti authorised to conduct independent third-party testing. 

The grant awarded by the Russian government in 2010 for establishment of Physics of Strength and Intelligent Diagnosis Systems state-of-the-art laboratory has given a vigorous impulse to research in the field of material science. In 2013, the Research Institute of Advanced Technologies was established. It comprises research and education centres working in the areas of material sciences, nanotechnologies, condensed matter physics; Testing Centre and Centre for Nanotechnology Production Conformance Assessment. The Institute aims at developing and implementing advanced technologies, new materials and establishment of a world-class scientific school in the field of material sciences, nanotechnologies and condensed matter physics.

The synthesis of teaching and research is fundamental to Togliatti State University and it strives to create a research-centred academic environment. TSU actively promotes the value and outcomes of its diverse research activities in many ways, including publications, such as the university research journals “Vector Nauki” and “Vestnik TGU”.

The university Centre for Technology Transfer serves as a bridge between TSU faculty and researchers and the business community. Through comprehensive technology transfer, innovations can be incorporated into products and services that directly benefit the society, as well as research and education at TSU. The Centre also supports economic growth by forging closer ties with industry and launching new ventures based on TSU technologies:

·         Scientific and Technical International Forum «Safety. Technologies. Management»;

·         International Scientific Conference “Mathematics. Education. Culture”;

·         International Scientific Conference “Strategic Planning of the Development of Russian Cities” ;

·         International Scientific and Technical Conference “Welding”;

·         International School “ Physical Material Science”;

·         International Environmental Congress (Scientific and Technical Conference “Ecology and Life Protection of Industrial-Transport Complexes”) ELPIT;

·         International Scientific Conference “Korshunov’s Readings”;

·         International Scientific and Technical Conference “Power Industry, Electrical Engineering and Electrotechnologies Issues”;

·         International Scientific Conference “Text: Philological, Social and Cultural, and Regional Aspects”.