In April the Faculty of Law was opened at the University. New Togliatti State University rector election took place. Sergey Zhilkin was re-elected for another term as the rector.

Togliatti State University was awarded a diploma of Togliatti Chamber of Commerce for major contribution to training highly qualified specialists for city organizations.

In May Togliatti State University won the first prize in the city Art Contest “Student Spring”, for talented students in various genres of performing arts.

The Sharonovs’ Jewelry Design School made two special presents for participants of the 30th EU-Russia Summit – each of the “Zhiguli Treasures” sets was presented to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, and the Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel.

In July Togliatti State University Testing Center performing technical diagnostics and expertise, physical and mechanical testing, spectral analysis, bench testing, etc. earned accreditation.

In September the Ecology and Ecological Monitoring Department of Samara Scientific Center of Russian Academy of Sciences was opened at Togliatti State University. The first International Environmental Congress “Ecology and Life Protection of Industrial-Transport Complexes ELPIT - 2007” was held at TSU.

The first “Student Autumn Art Festival” was another remarkable event of the year to become another tradition of the University.

Togliatti State University students now have the opportunity to receive bilingual education. In October teachers Inholland University of Applied Science and a management training programs specialist from the USA Carol McCaren visited Togliatti State University with guest lectures within the scope of international education development program.

23-25 November - the International Design and Architecture Forum NEW CITY established by Togliatti State University and supported by the Ministry of Trade and Economic Development was held for the very first time. Over 700 leading specialists in urban development, architecture, design, management, and education from Russia, Great Britain, Germany, Holland, and Spain participated in the forum as experts.

According to the results of the National Student Mass-Media Competition “Media-Generation-2007” Togliatti State University web-site www.tltsu.ru was rated the best university web-site in Russia. In December 2008 another recognition of the web-site - 2nd prize in Privolzhsky Federal District in the National Open Internet-Competition “Golden Web-Site”, “Corporate Web-Site - Educational and Academic Institutions” nomination.

During the year Togliatti State University successfully participated in international scientific activities and events: 6 medals of the International Exhibition “Laboratory Expo-2007”, first-degree diplomas of the International Scientific Conference “15th Tupolevskiye Chteniya”

The most significant achievements on the national level were: 2nd prize in the National Student Olympiad on theoretical mechanics; 2nd and 3rd prizes in “RUSSIAN ART WEEK/ARTS ASSAMBLEY” contest; four diplomas and two “National Heritage of Russia” awards for participating in the National Open Research and Development, and Creative Works of Youth Competition, and in the National Youth Festival “I will be recognized in the 21st Century”; as well as 1st and 2nd degree diplomas in the National Contest “Eurica-2007”.

As a result of participation in “NTTM-2007 Exhibition Togliatti State University won three golden medals and nine diplomas (including “For Development of Scientific and Technical Creativity of Youth and Specialists Training”)

Several works of Togliatti State University scientists in nanotechnologies and nanomaterials were acknowledged by the government and were included into the Special Federal Program “Research and Development Works in Priority Areas for Development of Russian Scientific and Technical Complex for the period 2007-2012” with financing of four million rubles.