TSU: Students Life

Socializing in between lectures and at the end of a long day is as much a party of university life as studying. Clubs and societies are a great way for students to meet other students who share their interest or enthusiasm for a particular subject or activity.

TSU is the place where young talented and active students can unlock their potential by participating in extracurricular activities: 25 creative workshops, interest clubs, student unions, 15 sports clubs, as well as various festivals, corporate events, creative competitions, volunteering and social actions, sport competitions. Sharonov’s Jewelry Design School and “Formula Student TSU” project are known worldwide.

Over its 64- year history Togliatti State University has established many traditions: alumni festival “Student Autumn”, beauty contest “Miss University”, voice competition and festival “Singing University”, “TSU Student Spring”, “Aerobic Show”, volleyball festival. One of the most festive events is the procession of the university graduates along the city main streets after the diploma awarding ceremony. The Russian Students Day is celebrated on January 25 when students and professors have a special honey drink and set up on fire the symbol of mid-year examinations.

The University Center of Physical Education and Sport offers training programs in basketball, football, swimming, volleyball, aerobics, and athletic gymnastics. Numerous gyms, football fields, outdoor tracks, courts for basketball and volleyball, well equipped sports centers and a swimming pool are available for both training and leisure.

The local area has unrivalled facilities and perfect close-at-hand locations for many outdoor sports, such as sailing, canoeing, hiking, skiing, and mountaineering. The University offers free access to a wide range of excellent indoor and outdoor facilities on order to support the personal development and enhance the well-being of students and staff.