Institute of Mathematics, Physics and Information Technology

Institute of Mathematics, Physics and Information Technology (IMPIT) prepares bachelors and masters in several fields of study which can be divided into two main groups:

1) Mathematicians-application engineers and programmers specializing in creation of mathematical models, information systems and development of information technologies in various fields of knowledge; 

2) Professors and teachers in such areas of knowledge as mathematics, physics, informatics. All these fields are of strategic importance for the development of Togliatti and beyond any doubt are extremely popular today. 

      Thus, the first group of fields is focused, first of all, on technopark "Zhiguli Valley" in the sphere of high technologies, numerous IT companies (including international companies, such as NetCracker, etc.), and also for enterprises of power engineering and machine-building complex, where the need for specialists of this kind is constantly increasing. The second group of fields is also very important for our city, as the level of mathematics teachers training, who will work in the schools of Samara, Togliatti and the region, will affect the quality of new TSU entrants training. It is necessary to emphasize the high general level of students preparation in the field of mathematics and information technologies. High-quality education allows graduated bachelors to change their profile, after having a little self-training, and to enroll in a master's degree in the technical field, presented in the TSU with the widest range of programs.

Head of the Institute

The Institute is headed by Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Sergey Vladimirovich Talalov since 2011.

The main task of the Institute of Mathematics, Physics and Information Technologies is to prepare demanded professionals in the field of IT-technologies and to conduct scientific and educational activities. IMPIT is actively implemented in the international educational system. Our lecturers have been working on the Intel international program "Learning for the Future" since 2004 ( For several years we have been working together with the regional branch of the company "Net Cracker" – the world leader in the field of telecommunications. In 2009 relations with the European Association "Evrotalant" and the International Federation for Developing and Game pedagogy FIDJIP (France, Paris) were established. In 2010 a computer literacy center was launched within the framework of the Microsoft "Your Course" initiative. IMPIT prepares highly qualified specialists not only for the Samara and Volga region, but also for the whole of Russia!

Bachelor’s degrees:

Applied mathematics and informatics; Mathematical support and administration of information systems; Pedagogical education; Applied informatics.

Master’s Degrees:

Mathematical education; Applied informatics in education and educational technologies; Mathematical modeling.