Тольяттинский государственный университет - опорный университет Тольятти Самарской области

1.    Russian as Foreign Language (Starter)




HOURS IN CLASS: 72 hours

Available: in Fall semester  (1 September – 30 January)

       in Spring semester (07 February – 30 June)


The course is developed for students with no previous knowledge or minimal knowledge of the Russian language. The objectives of the course are to acquaint students with the basics of Russian Phonetics and Grammar. On completion of this course, a student will be able to understand and employ common phrases and expressions necessary to solve certain communicative tasks and take part in simple conversations.

The programme of the course includes:

1        Complex practical studies: phonetics and intonation, speech practice, grammar, vocabulary;

  1. Studies with the use of audiovisual materials and educational programmes: speech practice, vocabulary, grammar.