Тольяттинский государственный университет - опорный университет Тольятти Самарской области

2.    Russian as Foreign Language (Pre-Intermediate)





HOURS IN CLASS: 120 hours

Available: in Fall semester  (1 September – 30 January)

       in Spring semester (07 February – 30 June)

The course aims to improve the learners' skills in Russian language in everyday communication. It includes a lot of practical tasks and focuses on Russian history, literature, culture, and society. The course enables to achieve A2 level.

The programme of the course includes:

  1. Phonetics and intonation, grammar, vocabulary;
  2. Speech practice;
  3. Practical grammar;
  4. Audiovisual speech course.

Each course contains information about linguistic means of the Russian language and presupposes a system of lessons o­n all types of activities comprising its oral as well as written forms. Besides, the courses’ programme provides an introduction to the most outstanding works of the Russian literature and poetry.