Тольяттинский государственный университет - опорный университет Тольятти Самарской области





HOURS IN CLASS: 50 hours

Available:  in Spring semester (07 February – 30 June)


The course focuses on everyday communicative situations in which service industry professionals must understand and respond to the needs and requests of their clients. The emphasis of this course is on efficient service to the clients via effective communication skills.

The objectives of the course are to enable participants to converse in English with clients and colleagues in different service industries using common terms and expressions.


The programme of the course includes:

1. Before checking in: English for reservation and accommodation

2. Checking in: English for dealing with arriving, welcoming, registering

3. English for orienting a guest and dealing with a dissatisfied quest

4. Hotel Services: English for offering help

5. English for dealing with a guest’s experience

6. English for guest service

8. In a Restaurant: English for assisting a quest in a restaurant

9. English for taking order, payment, request, etc.

10. English for dealing with problems

11. English for customer support operators



Period of academic semesters:

Fall semester - 01 September – 30 January

Spring semester – 07 February – 30 June