TSU offers a number of courses in English for exchange students from TSU partner universities coming within an international exchange program.

Now almost all courses are taught only in Russian. Students who do not speak Russian or those who want to develop their Russian Language skills are welcome to attend Russian Language courses for international students.

Application deadline for applications:

15 June for Fall semester

15 November for Spring semester

The application documents should be sent to International Cooperation Department by e-mail: international@tltsu.tu. Contact person: Nadezhda Kostina, coordinator of exchange students.

The following courses are available for the international students:

  1. Russian as Foreign Language (Starter )description- 2 ECTS
  2. Russian as Foreign Language (Elementary) -  description -  2 ECTS
  3. Russian as Foreign Language (Pre-Intermediate) – description - 2 ECTS
  4. English L exicology - description - 3 ECTS
  5. Business English - d escription  - 3 ECTS
  6. Practical Course of English Language -  description  - 4 ECTS 
  7. English for Service Industries -  description - 3 ECTS

Period of academic semesters:

Fall semester - 01 September – 30 January

Spring semester – 07 February – 30 June